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Teaching Dogs to Live in a Human World
The First National Prenatal Program for Dog lovers!
Preparing families for life with kids and dogs
Just as human siblings need to prepare for a new brother or sister,
your dog needs to prepare, too!  Many times couples feel they must
give up or rehome their canine companion when a new baby
Dogs & Storks™ was created to make it easy for families to
successfully include their dogs as the family grows. Our program
helps more dogs stay with their families forever!

Once the new baby enters the home and sleep deprivation adds to
the many concerns about the family dog, many families feel
helpless and overwhelmed. Frequently dogs are abandoned or re-
homed due to a lack of knowing what resources and support is
Preparing ahead makes all the difference in the world and
Dogs and Storks™ provides consistent and current information
through qualified, licensed presenters by addressing concerns or
behavioral challenges ahead of time, and practicing new routines well
before baby arrives.
That is tail wagging news for dogs everywhere.
Some of the most frequently asked questions are:
•   “How should we introduce our baby to the dog?”
•   “Will my dog be jealous and take it out on the baby?”
•   “What if he won’t accept the baby?”
Some comments from new parents that indicate the need for education:
•   “He just knows the baby is ours and he protects him.”
•   “He is the first one to run when the baby cries … it is so cute.”
•   “We were told to put the baby on the floor and let the dogs sniff him.”
Dogs & Storks offers positive, practical and fun solutions for new and expecting families.
Our programs clear up myths, emphasize realistic expectations and set new parents and
family dogs up for success even before the baby arrives!  
This semi-private 2-hour workshop is bursting with tips and information that gets families
started immediately in preparing for life with a dog and baby under one roof. Families will
explore the subtle language of dogs, ways to include their dog before and after baby arrives
and so much more.
Dog & Storks™ programs includes information about:
     •   How to prepare your dog for the baby’s arrival
•   How to better understand what your dog is
communicating; the basics of dog body language
•   Solutions for attention seeking behaviors from your dog
•   How to set up safe and smooth introductions between
your baby and your dog
•   How to include your dog in activities after your baby
arrives home
The program is great for:
•   Expectant and adoptive parents
•   Extended family members
•   Childcare and Foster care providers
•   Doulas, Midwives and OB professionals
•   Anyone else who wants to learn how wonderful life with
kids and dogs can be!
Jeanyne is a licensed presenter for the Dogs and Storks™ program and offers both in-home and group
workshops for expectant parents and their families.
Private Dog and Baby Prep In-Home Consultations:   
We come to your home at your convenience.  A customized plan and package complimented by Dogs and
Storks™ information will be created to fit your lifestyle and your dog's training needs.
Consultation includes:
•   A behavioral evaluation of your dog
•   How to identify your dog's sensitivities
•   Solutions for attention –seeking behavior
•   Information about dog body language
•   Advice about safety, exercises, routines
•   Tips for household setup and equipment
•   Activities for first days home
•   Suggested fun games to include your dog
•   Answers to all of your questions and concerns
To schedule a Dog and Baby Prep Private In-Home Consultation, please contact Jeanyne at (440) 823-8721.
Group Course:   
Fun, interactive class for expecting parents and their families.
Group Course includes:
•   How to prepare your dog for baby's arrival
•   Dog body-language basics
•   Solutions for attention-seeking behavior
•   How to set up safe and smooth introductions between baby and dog
•   Including your dog in activities once baby comes home
•   Dogs and Storks™ Educational DVD available for purchase
For a schedule of additional local Dogs and Storks™ course dates and locations, please check our website
for future updates.
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