I am proud to share some of the success stories satisfied clients have shared with me.   
Read their happy tales below.
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how fantastic Wanda is--and how great the girls are with her.  
She's turned into the best dog we've ever had, she goes everywhere with us, rides bikes with us, and is
great, great fun.
Thank you for all your help.

Laura H. & Wanda
Cleveland Heights
I have an eleven year old yellow Lab named Jeannie who is very skittish and submissive.  She began to
have problems jumping into my car and up onto my bed because of arthritis.  I bought some carpeted
steps from a catalog but Jeannie became very anxious whenever I brought them out and refused to use
them.  My vet referred me to Jeanyne at Graceful Paws and she was so helpful.  With Jeanyne’s guidance,
we slowly introduced Jeannie to a ramp to use so that she would not have to jump.  At first Jeannie was
very anxious but Jeanyne patiently worked with her over a few weeks until she was completely
comfortable using the ramp.  I was amazed at how fast Jeannie learned with Jeanyne’s help.  Jeanyne was
also readily available by email with advice when we encountered snags in our training.  I would
recommend Jeanyne highly.  She taught an old dog a new trick which will contribute to her qualify of life
as she ages!

Kathy R. and Jeannie
Gates Mills
We adopted Remy, a German Shepherd/Akita mix at 8 weeks and thought bringing her home to an older
dog was a great idea.  But her “big sis” also has a big bark so our sweet little out-going pup learned to
become fearful of anyone or anything coming to our house, yard or even on the street because her “big
sis” would always bark to alert us.

Jeanyne and Graceful Paws was recommended to us through our vet, not just to help with general
training, but to help Remy get over her fear of anything strange.
We could not have received better help.  She gave us so many tools to use with Remy, all of which were
happy, positive and gentle – so important for our big chicken!  The last thing we needed was to make her
even more scared.

While we are still working on it, Remy has come so far.  Instead of being scared to take a walk, she looks
forward to it.  Lawn mowers, joggers, loud trucks, delivery folks and even other dogs no longer cause
panic.  She holds her tail high and enjoys most new encounters.  She still doesn’t like loud domineering
people who demand she greets them, but then again, neither do I!
The best part about Jeanyne and her approach is that she teaches you how your dog thinks, so you are
giving your dog clear messages rather than confusing them.  All they want to do is make you happy and
have fun.  Jeanyne taught us how to make everyone’s life happier and more fun.  Thank you!

Laura S. and Remi
Shaker Heights
I am happy to report that the girls are now not only “kissing” each other, taking walks side by side (with
just me), drinking the from same bowl, but also are slowly learning how long is okay to sniff each other’s
butt, either inside or outside the house!!

All in all, we are very much relieved and grateful the transition has been a positive one!!  I know my
stressing about the situation has gone from infinite to minimal!!

We used your suggestions, and started off slowly Friday and Saturday, but then with the thunderstorm
yesterday & Mark not being home with her, Licorice was scared and wanted to join Lucky & I upstairs!!  
The rest is history – unbelievable, incredible history!!

Needless to say, I want to thank you very very much for your assistance and patience in helping
(all of us) during this extremely difficult time in my life.  This is one of my many, many, many
life issues that has a very happy ending or should I say beginning, LOL!

Jodi K. & Mark P. and Lucky & Licorice
South Euclid
Her barking issue has improved a lot and we can now walk by people in the street without any problems.
We accomplished this using the tips you mentioned to us in class.

Blanka S. & Maya
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Teaching Dogs to Live in a Human World
Our dog Scout, a black lab mix who we adopted at the age of 2, is usually sweet and socialable but
always turned into a terror at the vet's office. He would growl and snap at the vet and her assistants.
They would have to sedate Scout so they could do their work. He was also sensitive about his nails which
were always over grown. When we first adopted Scout, before we knew about how sensitive he is about
his nails, we were kicked out of grooming salons. After a recommendation from our vet we started
working with Jeanyne to desensitize him to the vet's procedures. She taught Scout a new command we
called "relax" where he lays on his side and literally relaxes with his head and paws down. From this
position we were able to work up step by step to desensitizing him to nail clippers. Now he lets me cut
his nails at home! I even was able to apply this same method to cleaning his ears. From the same relax
position she taught me how to put Scout into a hold where eventually a vet tech was able to draw blood
for a heartworm test. Where he once had to be sedated, he learned to relax and didn't even react to the
needle poke. We recently had his annual check up and although it had been months since we worked
with Jeanyne he still remembered his training. He left me hold him in the position we learned and the
vet tech was able to give him all his shots quickly and without any reaction from Scout. Ironically the
hardest parts of the exam for Scout were the stethoscope and otoscope, things we didn't work on
because they should have been the easiest and least invasive part of the exam. It was a funny reminder
of how bad things were and how far he's come. I know we can work on those and next years visit should
be even better. The training we learned from Jeanyne makes things easier for me, the vet and her staff,
and Scout.
Tricia Z. and Scout
Cleveland Heights
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